Got the exhaust on…

OK time for another update. I actually worked on the car a little this time instead of just taking pictures of everything piled up.

Ok so here is what my ground clearance looked like with the factory exhaust. Part of the reason I was doing the exhaust ws to gain ground clearance since I’m tearing up my garage floor when I pull out of it.

And here is what the back of the car looks like with factory exhaust:

I ended up picking up a set of circuit sports exhaust hanger bushings with hopes that it will bring the exhaust up a little higher. These are polyurethane so they’re quite a bit stiffer than the old clapped out factory pieces.

I don’t have a whole lot of progress pictures so I’ll just write a book about what went down.

After spending a little bit getting the car all jacked up and supported properly it was time to tear into it. I’ve recently developed a phobia of being under cars (doesn’t bode well for my HICAS removal project this winter…) so I tried to make sure everything was supported properly. I put the rear wheels on the race ramps wheel cribs (these aren’t my pictures, I googled them to show you guys what I did):

The put the front wheels on the Race Ramps Roll ups and chocked them front and rear on both sides.

Now that the car was all ready to go, it was time to start pulling off the ol’ trusty OEM exhaust. Surprisingly it was in decent shape. One of the mufflers was rusty on the side and had cracked but not too bad. It has to be one of the few factory exhausts left haha. I pulled that guy down and saws-all’ed it up so the garbage man would take it away in the morning. Next was working with the new exhaust. It’s a 2 piece design that uses a slip joint in the middle with springs to hold it together. I coated the joint with heat resistant anti-seize so hopefully it isn’t too hard to pull apart should I ever need to.

Next I put on the exhaust hanger bushings. I couldn’t find my trusty can of silicone to spray in these to make installation easier, so I went ghetto and just used the next slickest thing I could think of: Tire Shine. It ended up working pretty well. So I got the exhaust all mounted up and good to go. Here are some pictures:

A little more ground clearance but I may end up either having my downpipe bent by an exhaust shop so that it tucks up higher by where the cat would be or just going with a PBM Cobra 2 downpipe.

And one picture of the car after I finished buttoning everything up:

While I was under the car I found out why my speedometer wasn’t working: the speed sensor was very loose int he transmission. So I tightened that guy up and continued looking around for other little things to fix. I noticed my frame rails had pretty much all of the undercoating ground off from sliding across crappy driveways and what not, so while I’m under there this winter with everything apart I’ll be undercoating everything. Now I’m saving up for all SPL Pro V3 arms and maybe some NISMO lower control arms and a whiteline sway bar.


7 responses to “Got the exhaust on…”

  1. Terrell says :

    awesome stuff Kyle! Where did you pick up those race ramps from? I tend to have the same phobia when being under the car even if there’s jack stands and a jack there. haha

  2. Kyle Smith says :

    Thanks dude! You can get RaceRamps products from Summit Racing.

  3. Kyle Smith says :

    Yeah not a problem man, I’ll add you to mine too.

  4. Conrad2NR says :

    How have you found the BC Spec 2 thus far? Build quality, sound?

  5. Kyle Smith says :

    The spec 2 sounds amazing. It’s ridiculously loud though, so it’s not for the faint of heart. As far as build quality, it’s also pretty spot on. One thing I might do it thread the hangers and put a nut on them as they keep sliding out of my exhaust hangers. This may be because of the polyurethane hangers or because the flange catches on my driveway every day in a pretty major way.

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