It’s raining cool parts!

Figured I’d post a small update of the “parts are showing up” sort. Haven’t worked on the car much, been crazy busy with school.

So here’s what I’ve had show up in the last week.

-Ganador Mirrors
-Buddy Club Spec 2
-RS*R Bushing kit
-300ZX Rear caliper rebuilt kit
-Circuit Sport exhaust hanger bushings

Ordered a Bride Zeta 3. That will be here Friday. Shipped my PowerFC off to A’PEXi japan to have that refurbished.


4 responses to “It’s raining cool parts!”

  1. titopr06 says :

    coming together nicely!!!

  2. Denneth says :

    Kyle I have a question. I ordered Ganador mirrors for my Brothers S14 but it seems like they are angled for RHD. Did you have any issue’s?

    • Kyle Smith says :

      Yeah you can’t really use them like a normal mirror. You can’t adjust them as far out as you need to so you have to lean forward to see out your drivers side mirror. I haven’t tried adjusting my passenger yet, I haven’t driven the car for about a month.

  3. H E L M:S T A R R says :


    Car’s on point man!

    You and your homies are totally making me miss my old 180!!!

    – D

    [ helm:starr | ZT: Hakosuka Daren ]

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