A’PEXi Intake / Z32 MAF

Small update: Put on my A’PEXi Z32MAF Intake and Z32 MAF tonight. Pretty sure the MAF I bought off a dude on here is bad.

The car will start then lope real bad then shut off. If I unplug the MAF, it runs fine. When I used a multimeter and measured pin-to-pin on it, it had the same readings as when I did the same measurement on my bad Z32 MAF from my coupe when I fried all of the electronics in it last year.

Speaking of frying the coupe, when I did that, I also fried the PowerFC I had in the car, so it’s been a nice desk ornament since then. Well recently a friend of mine did the same thing I did (hooked the battery up backwards) on his SR’d/PowerFC’d car and it fried his PowerFC as well. He called A’PEXi USA and apparently you can ship the PFC back to them and they will forward it on to A’PEXi Japan and they’ll repair it for about 150 bucks with around a 2 month turn around time. So in other words, I’ll be doing that as both this car and my coupe had Redtop SR’s, then I’ll be putting that PFC in this car once I get it back.

I redid the MAF wiring too when I was wiring in the new plug, it wasn’t….how I would have done it. So at least that’s a little better now.

I also sold my Bride Zeta 3 Sport today, so I’m going to get that shipped out for the dude and probably order a Red Zeta 3 or 2 soon. I’m extremely excited to finally have a Zeta 3 instead of a Zeta 3 Sport as that’s what I’ve always had. Cool seat and all, but the Zeta 3 has the nicer fabric, finish, etc. I really want a Zeta 2 but I don’t think it’s going to happen this time around.

Ok if you made it through all of that, congrats. It is probably rambley. Here are a few pictures as a reward.

Does anyone need this SR20 MAF / A’PEXi intake? I think the SR MAF either needs cleaned or is starting to go bad (I’ll just say that up front so you don’t get screwed like I did) but the intake piece is obviously fine.


One response to “A’PEXi Intake / Z32 MAF”

  1. Michael says :

    I wouldn’t mind taking that filter off your hands… I have a VG30 / RB25 MAF sitting around here somewhere too, if you need it.

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