A few random pictures from tonight

Put in my Next Miracle X-Brace tonight without the C-Pillar bar. Got burnt out on modifying the C-Pillar bar to work with it, so I just put it in by itself. Hopefully you folks appreciate the fact that I dusted off my DSLR instead of just using my iPhone for these pics. Have to do a shoot for canibeat for a friend’s RX7 next week so I gotta shake the cob webs out.

I usually have my backseat in the upright position but I wanted to get a better view of all of my recent stuff haha. With the seat up, the miracle sits right along the back of it. It’s pretty cool.


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3 responses to “A few random pictures from tonight”

  1. Conrad2NR says :

    Sooo envious right now. Sweet piece of fabrication they are.

  2. titopr06 says :

    looks awesome. so the c pillar bar and miracle x isnt happening?

  3. Kyle says :

    Not for now anyway

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