Interior is about to get a little more excite

Got 2 sheets of red Bride Logo fabric in the other day. So I’ll be wrapping the door card inserts, glovebox and arm rest in that before too long here. Can’t wait to get rid of the last bit of tweed in the interior. I also got my JDM seatbelts / interior plastics in from Matt the other day. No headliner yet to get rid of the gaps, still working out shipping with a guy from Canada, hopefully it’s not too insane.

Man I really need some good updated pictures of this thing. Oh I also ordered some Energy Suspension Urethane subframe bushings today too. Right now the rear bushings are super trashed, so I can’t wait to get those in. I’ll be putting them in at the same time I do my non-HICAS subframe/HICAS delete and S15 dif that I picked up from Toby. If anyone wants my fairly low miles, good condition Cusco 2-Way diff, let me know.


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8 responses to “Interior is about to get a little more excite”

  1. titopr06 says :

    its gonna look awesome!!! with 2 sheets you can do the whole car kyle!

  2. Scott says :

    Do the headliner bro!

  3. excellentbarfs says :

    Yeah, I was thinking about picking up a third sheet to do the headliner. It would be really cool. Better than dying it black. Still waiting to hear back on a shipping quote for my JDM headliner.

  4. excellentbarfs says :

    The bride fabric? I always get all of my Bride stuff from DriveLine Motoring. ( Eric there is a cool guy, he is always helpful when my friends or myself call. This day and age it’s nice to have a reputable place where you can get Bride stuff and know it’s authentic. Some shops sell both real and fake Bride stuff, and I don’t want any of my stuff getting “mixed up” with the replica stuff. Not sure how international orders’re from NZ aren’t you?

  5. shayan says :

    imo headliner would be overkill

  6. Kyle says :

    Headliner would probably be hyper black or black logo material. Not red logo

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