Wanted one of these for close to 10 years. In the process of modifying my GTSPEC c-pillar bar to work with the x bar. Then I’ll be stripping and polishing the c pillar bar.



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7 responses to “Miracle”

  1. Conrad2NR says :


    First Damon, now you. I want one!

  2. excellentbarfs says :

    Haha…these are tough to find! Now I just need a DoLuck rear cross bar (floor bar). Those can be pretty tough too.

  3. titopr06 says :

    awesome!!!!! the polished c pillar is going to look amazing!!

  4. fatboy180 says :

    I know this is an old blog, but I am currently trying to get the GTSPec C Pillar Bar to work with the Miracle X Bar as well.
    Is this pic of your install or someone elses? Keen to know how it was done as I can see it will require some trimming of the GTSpec bar to fit the miracle bracket.

    Cheers! 🙂

    • Kyle Smith says :

      It was a picture of mine. After a significant amount of cutting on the gt spec bar I gave up on the idea. Another option would be the full miracle bar setup with all of the Add ons to really give you that jungle gym feel

      • fatboy180 says :

        Ok. Thanks for replying! I want sure if it was yours or just a google pic.
        I purchased this combo of braces after seeing your pic!! After playing around with it today I ended up sliding the horizontal bolt on each side through the miracle brace.
        Perhaps not as effective as it being mounted correctly – but no way would it fit without heaps of cutting!!


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