Last night..

I did a tiny amount of work on the car. Had planned to do more but the ol’ back wasn’t having it.

So, Tuesday Nights at Toby’s continued…I ended up mounting my GTSPEC C-pillar bar. It mounts to the rear seat belt upper mounting points. Well, like all hatches, at some point in my car’s life the rear seat belts were removed, so I didn’t have any of the hardware. Luckily, Toby came to the rescue and had some spare Gallery Fresh bolts lying around that were the perfect fit, so I mounted that up with those.

Excuse the iPhone pic/dirty interior. I’ll probably get a better one soon.

The last thing I did for the night was to remove the roof spoiler. It just wasn’t really “me” and made the back of the car look too chunky. I’ll probably post this on zilvia for sale with a bunch of other stuff soon once I figure out which one it is. I’m really liking the look if it without it so far.

I had planned to do something like This with my Pivot RHU-M last night as it is currently just double-stuck to the bottom of my steering column shroud, so it always falls down and annoys me, but I didn’t have the motivation to do it, what with my back acting up and being tired from school/work (last semester of undergrad…yessssss)

In other news, got some new stuff this week. Got the 180SX belts and interior panels on the way, some red bride logo fabric on the way to spice up the interior a little, got a new turbo inlet pipe for the Z32 MAF, Z32 rear calipers showed up, and one other thing that I’ll make a post about later this week when it gets here.


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6 responses to “Last night..”

  1. titopr06 says :

    kyle, the pics dont work!!!!! i want to see!!!

  2. excellentbarfs says :

    thanks for the heads up man, it’s fixed now. man i’m out of it today. used bb code instead of HTML for the images.

  3. titopr06 says :

    jajaj how you like the c pillar bar?

  4. camryonbronze says :

    Sunroof not popped – street cred.

    lol jk, looks sweet with no spoiler.

  5. excellentbarfs says :

    keep it in your pants bro…it was about to RAIN.

  6. POWER MOVE! says :

    you are doing a lot of work, looks good! ITOH style!

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