Small Update

Small update today, just filling you folks in real quick.

The other night when I cruised over to Toby’s again to work on the car, I had planned to relocate the boost controller, re-center the hub, and remove the tweed from my doorcards. Well I’ve been having some nerve problems in my back lately (I’m 23…wtf) so my mobility is pretty limited, and laying across a sillplate rewiring my boost controller did not sound like my idea of fun. I ended up only just pulling the tweed of the doorcards, which only takes 10 minutes if you’re wondering. Basically you take a hook pick and grab the edge of the tweed and get it start coming off, making sure not to go thru the vinyl (I used a 90* hookpick) then just peel away. You’ll have to pull of the handles of the doorcards. Here is the end result. Way better than the stock tweed that feels like rubbing your arms on fiberglass insulation.

I need to clean my doorcards off. They have a summers worth of sweat and grime on them. Also might put some 3M Adhesive Remover on a rag and clean where the tweed used to be so it’s nice and uniform. Eventually I will be covering these inserts with red Bride logo material. I will do this the way Toby and Damon did (Toby came up with it), where you cut out the vinyl on the insert of the doorcard, then use adhesive from a spray gun (think paint gun) instead of just spray adhesive that you’d get in a can to wrap carpet on a sub box or something.

I got my Z32 maf in the mail yesterday. Can’t wait to get that wired in. I will probably get a new exhaust soon assuming the MAF fixes my idle hunt. I’m leaning towards a Buddy Club Spec 2 again. I know it fits well (ground clearance is probably number 1 concern) and I usually am not a fan of canister style exhausts. But I’m not about to put one on until my car has a smooth, consistent idle.


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3 responses to “Small Update”

  1. camryonbronze says :

    Import Alliance leaves a lot of sweat/grime on the old door cards, lol. Can’t wait for EXHAUSTS.

  2. Kelli Sinibaldi says :

    Great reason. I love see clearly Martha

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