Worked on the car a little last night

Alright so I went over to Toby’s again last nigh to do a little work on the car. I ended up not getting everything done I wanted to do but oh well, we’re working again tonight.

So when I bought my car the rear hatch area was pretty trashed. The carpet on the back of the seats was nasty grey stuff, I only had one side of the inner quarter panel carpet, etc. Well a friend was getting rid of an S13 shell so I ended up snagging the missing pieces from that.

Here is pretty much what it looked like when I started. Just imagine one of the side panels being in.

Here’s a pic of one of the panels I got. They’d been sitting in his shop garage for a while so they were pretty dirty etc.

Spent a while with the ol’ vacuum on each panel and this is what one panel looked like after I cleaned it a while.

Well the next thing I noticed was that the carpet panels were grey, but my new rear seat carpet section was a nice rich black. That bugged me, so I picked up some duplicolor fabric paint and wanted to dye the panels black to match the carpet.

Here is what it looks like all back together. I also put in my Cusco Type OS rear strut tower bar that I picked up from Damon a while back. I couldn’t stand putting it in when the hatch area was so nasty though haha.

I also forgot to a get a picture of the front of the interior when I got the carpet and floormats in, so here’s that. The horn button is missing bc I need to take the hub back off and straighten it out. Right now the steering wheel is pretty gangster leaned when the car is going straight, it bugs the shit out of me. I’m having Matt from Zilvia track me down a set of 180SX seat belts and interior plastics, so that will be awesome when I get those in there.

I finished a little early since my project was pretty small, but Toby on the other hand was obviously balls deep in his project, so I sat around and watched him a while. Here he is pounding the firewall out so that the heartbeat of America fits in there.

Hopefully tonight I’ll be moving the boost controller out of the footwell area where it always comes unstuck and falls on top of my feet. Also need to sack up and get the hub straightened out. Tried last night but I’m a little bitch and couldn’t get the hub off. Oh well.

Picked up an S15 helical differential and non-HICAS subframe yesterday as well. The CUSCO 2-Way in the car is just more than I need. And I want to get rid of any remnants of HICAS on the car. I just need to pick up some PBM Subframe risers to firm things up and that can go on. I may end up getting a DSS Driveshaft depending on what kind of housing the S15 diff comes in. If it’s an Open/Non-ABS Housing then it won’t drop into my housing, which is VLSD/ABS. The ABS housings are a little longer so the driveshafts aren’t compatible to the best of my knowledge.

Also picked up some DMAX Rear floor mats, Z32 MAF, Z32 Front Conversion Lines, and some other stuff.


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One response to “Worked on the car a little last night”

  1. Conrad2NR says :

    Love how clean your car is man.

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