More parts and stuff

Ok so I’m going to go ahead and skip doing a post or several about all of the Import Alliance stuff from July. It was awesome but I didn’t really take any pictures, so you can cruise on over to Damon’s Blog or The Chronicles for coverage of that. Damon did a pretty good job chronicling the trip down there etc.

Random pictures from IA:

So I’m still piling up parts for the hatch:

First thing I think I bought for the car was a new rear view mirror since on the way home from Seattle, probably well over 12 hours into one of the days I had some dude tailgating me with HID’s so to stop further laser-eye surgery i hit my rear view mirror (since the little “night-time” tab didn’t work) so that it wouldn’t point into my brain. Well ever since then it won’t stay where I put it, it just vibrates down. No pics of this KILLER INSTALL though because seriously, its one clip thing, and 2 phillips screws. It’s not like I’m damon here (Trollface.jpg).

Since my last post I picked up a kevlar RPS13 rear garnish (something I’ve wanted for a longgggg time, but never had a car to put one on haha), Nardi 330mm flat steering wheel, WorksBell SPLASH hub, and probably some other stuff. Well I finally found some free time last night so I cruise over to ol Greg’s house (Toby’s house) and I put the wheel and garnish on and removed the monster 4″ boost gauge that came in the car while Tob did some more work on his engine bay and Jason did some little stuff on his LS1 FD.

Some pictures of new toys and the old boost gauge on it’s way out.

I’m going to post the boost gauge on zilvia for sale before too long here, although I don’t have particularly high hopes of it selling for much. If it doesn’t sell, I might try to make it into some sort of Flava-Flave esque chain and wear it for a new years party or something.

So next on the list for the car is Z32 MAF (I think my SR MAF is on its way out, so that’s why the car idles a little rough/jumpy), APEXi Power Suction intake or whatever to run the MAF, and an exhaust. My exhaust is currently stock and scrapes going into my garage, so it’s developed a little leak. Few things are more lame than a leaky stock exhaust on a 4 cylinder car. Sounds like such garbage right now. Of course Ganadors could sneak their way into the priority list somewhere in there if some pop up on Zilvia.

Hmm..think that about covers it for today. I’ll be back when I have more stuff to talk about. Need to get back to designing this website…


One response to “More parts and stuff”

  1. midnightskankscr says :

    I used to have an S13 before my S14 and thats how i always wanted it to look!!looking at your pic makes me miss it! Kudos ma friend!

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