New brakes, etc.

Ok, no pictures for this post so sorry in advance. Just thought I’d post a little update on what I’ve been up to for the last week or so with the car.

I got a Cusco OS rear strut tower bar from Greg (Damon). I need to get the carpet pieces for the sides of the hatch area. When I track those down I’ll put in the strut bar and take some pics.

Found a dude on zilvia selling 30mm aluminum 300ZX brakes. I bought the fronts off of him. I also ordered a rebuild kit from I plan on really going through these and powdercoating them, zinc plating all of the bolts, et cetera. The last thing I ordered for the front brake setup today are the brackets that space the calipers out so that you can run 350Z Track edition sized rotors (12.75″) instead of the 300ZX rotors. I’ll keep piecing together the brake setup (still need a ton of stuff), then eventually tear into it and redo the entire brake system and get rid of the ABS. I still need non-ABS brake hard lines, conversion lines from the hardlines to calipers, rear brake calipers, brake rotors front and rear, e brake setup, BMC, brake booster, etc. I imagine it’s going to be a significant undertaking to get rid of the ABS, but it should be fun.


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2 responses to “New brakes, etc.”

  1. Daoud says :

    Hey Kyle,
    You’re killing me with your “No picture” post. Do you have any more pictures of that beautiful beast :)? You should also ask your boy, Toby, to have his bbq very soon. I’m hungry for burgers and cars.

  2. excellentbarfs says :

    Haha…no more pictures just yet. Maybe at IA damon and I will take some super cute group pictures or something.

    Yeah Toby needs to have his BBQ asap. Might end up being this fall. Would be cool if he planned it for when he finished his car, I just don’t know how far out he is on it with his crazy schedule. He’s made some good progress this week though.

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