Little update..

So last week I had a few parts show up for the car. I’ll start with the smallest.

When I got the car it didn’t have a Nissan badge on the bumper, which kind of bugged me since there was an indentation on the bumper for it. Russell from NissanParts.CC let me know the factory US one works fine and you just hacksaw the little pin that comes off the back of it off and you can use it.

Next order of business. New carpet. The carpet/floormats in this thing were DISGUSTING. You can’t really get a feel for how nasty in this pic but whatever.

So I went ahead and ordered a black carpet pan for the front and rear.

I work 8am-930pm pretty much every day so it took me three days to get this in, as I could only work on it from about 10pm until when I fell asleep. Usually about 1:30am I’d start kinda winding down and call it a night. The first night I got the interior and old carpet out, as well as installed the new rear section.

I put the new carpet pan on top of the old one and left it in my garage during the next day so it warmed up and really mimicked the shape of the old carpet.

The second day I started doing a little bit of trimming and cutting on the new pan. Here’s where I finished that night.

I didn’t get a picture of it all finished up just yet, but it turned out pretty good. Here’s a random picture of my new DMAX floormats as well. I got these at the same time.

I also put in my Bride Zeta 3, but once again, I’m a scum bag and didn’t get a picture yet.

Random closing picture with Damon (weird calling him that instead of Greg)


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  1. camryonbronze says :

    Cool story, bro.

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