Wheels and other stuff

So I got some Ray’s extended anodized blue lug nuts to accent the new white wheels. I had them sitting around on my computer desk for a month since the car was on jack stands anyway. well the other day when I was snowed in from Snowpocalypse I decided to go put them on the vacant wheel studs to pass sometime. I head out to the garage and start threading them on. They won’t thread. I ordered 1.25 thread pitch Nissan thread pitch). Turns out my ARP extended studs are 12×1.5. Lovely. So i call the place I ordered ’em from, JHPUSA.com and they agree to swap em out free of charge as long as I pay for shipping. sweet deal, so the correct ones should be on their way back by now.

Now the real news, the real day ruiner for me. I ordered my 57D’s on November 18th. I got an email today from the place I ordered them from with the tracking info and invoice. Great news right? So I email the guy back and say thanks, you made my day, whatever. I decide to open up the PDF invoice since I forgot how much I paid for them back in November, and I notice that the offsets of the wheels are off. So yeah I told the place one size, they ordered me another. 3 months later, here we are. To get the ones I want will be another 3 months since they have to me made. Damn…I just wanted to do some new wheels this winter and everything I’ve got so far this winter has been wrong in one way or another.


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