So, no posts in a while. Been enjoying the week off from my “day” job as a programmer, which is where I’m usually bored enough to post. Still working in retail on nights and weekends though. I was able to hide from my boss there that the university where I work was closed last week, so I didn’t have to pick up an extra hours.

So, things I’ve been up to….

Ordered some Rays lugnuts for the new wheels. I’ve got so many little random packages showing up in the next two weeks from stuff I’ve ordered online over the last 2 weeks though that I have no idea when they’re supposed to be here. I’ll probably post a picture or something when I get them. Wheels are supposed to be here in the next monthish. Figured out my tire sizes, now I just need to stop spending money on other stupid stuff and order them.

Need to look into whats going on with my fan controller still…last time I drove the 240 in the fall the Pivot fan controller wasn’t getting an oil temp or water temp signal so I had no fans.

Been really into diecast and models over the last two weeks. I love 1/43 diecast. Finally ponied up and got a 1/43 787B that I’ve wanted forever. Also got a 240z diecast in 1/18 for xmas. Trying to find 1/18 aftermarket wheels for it but not having much luck. I want to try my hand at modifying diecast/models.

Random 787B Video

Might post more later today, I’m starving and it’s only 8:50am. Bummer.


One response to “2011”

  1. Damon says :

    Stop sucking me into model cars. Ugh. lol.

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