Sorry about the lack of updates. Finals and what not.

I really want to get an S2K at some point. No idea when, but its on the list.

Speaking of S2k’s, saw this posted over at Revgasm’s blog the other day

Now most of you have probably seen Alexisthemovie’s car before, and it is pretty much the most hated on/loved S2k around. I was kinda suprised by this new wheel setup as it looks fairly conservative for what we’re used to seeing him run. Looks like he had a pretty nice pull made by the bodyshop guys. I knew something strange must have been up though because he was using the Amuse GT1 bumper without the full GT1 aero, which is usually very tough to pull off since the bumper is so wide/extreme. Upon closer inspection, aka reading Joey’s “The Chronicles” blog I noticed that I was a bit mistaken on thinking it was more conservative than past wheels.

Sweet jesus that is an assload of camber in the back.

Word on the street is he had his rear quarters radius’d. Haven’t heard of many dudes state side doing that, usually a Japanese VIP thing.

Looks normal again in that pic.

Random pic of Rywire’s CRX. Since CRX’s are where it all started for me. I guess he has Rota centercaps on his Mugen MF10L’s. I think that’s pretty funny but I’m not sure if I could pull that off. Joey mentioned he/the magazine he was featured in took some serious heat for running fake parts with mugen stickers. In reality, those wheels are “realer than real deal holyfield” and Ryan just does it to get a rise out of people. He also recently went back to a B-Series swap since “he wanted something more streetable than the K-series”. Now I’ve never driven a KRX so maybe I’m talking out of my ass here, but what isn’t streetable about one? Pretty sure a stock RSX is plenty streetable? Just subtract 1k lbs and add 15 years. I guess that could make things a little interesting. And this car is in Cali, which is BRUTAL on car people. Everyday I see more posts on Zilvia that are like “HALP, CHP gave me a ref ticket for having a JDM Squash air freshener, how do I get my car out of the impound????” or something similar. I don’t even know what a ref ticket is, but it sounds lame, Anyway, I can’t give him too much crap, he’s been doin it since before I could drive and he has one of my favorite CRX’s around.


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