Nate K sent this one to me, I thought it was pretty sweet. Tough to find cleanly styled stock(ish) aero’d zenki’s these days. This one looks like Kouki sides/wing, not sure what lip. Rear quarter looks like it might have been barshed on a little by the wheel, therefore demoting it to “nice theme” status, other than that though, pretty COOL.



3 responses to “S14”

  1. Dj says :

    My best friends Zenki! It’s a Greddy front lip on it btw. Stance coilovers, welded diff, pretty big fmic from cx motorsports (I believe its that brand?), S13 SR20 swap and tranny done by the owner himself during the harsh Chicago winter. Also recently did a Holset top mount setup that was done by the owner also. Just got some origin rear over fenders as well for it. Looking to go wide body, zero out the camber as much as possible, and run 265’s or 275’s all around 🙂

  2. nathanong87 says :

    photo looks shopped unfortunately , but it’s a cool car forsure.

  3. shayan says :

    yeah its photoshopped man, he’s on a local forum

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