They will be mine…one day

Everyone’s got a set of dream wheels or 4. The kind of wheels that you plan to keep even after you sell the car you bought them for. For me, it’s old school Work Equips, Regamaster’s, low offset CE28’s, probably a few more. I loves me some wheels.

Now CE’s you can still buy new as long as you’re an oil tycoon and have a few G’s burnin a hole in one of your slave’s pockets, but the other two are a little more elusive. Equips for example might as well have only been made in sizes appropriate for a BN Blister S14 or Mk4 Supra, since they’re all like 18xan AU, so they’d take “a little fender work” to make fit on an S13. I know they also made other sizes but since they’re discontinued you just have to go off what you see for sale on the forums. Rega’s are pretty much out of production (I’ve heard they still make a few sets a year in Honda sizing) and are pretty tough to find used in “good” offsets. Lot of sets of NSX Spec (18×9.5 +45 18×8.5 +35) ones floatin around, but not many sets towards the GT-R Spec end of the scale.

About a month ago when I was still looking for wheels, I thought I found one of these elusive sets. I’ve been a fan of Regamaster’s since I was like 16 and huge into honda’s. I was browsing memoryfab’s website and they had a set of 18″ white Rega’s listed in some sweet S13 sizes (18×9.5 +19 (R) 18×8.5 + 15ish (F)) with decent tires, I thought my dream had come true. So i check the old bank account, figure its time to make a move, and call to order them. After a little negotiating the order was placed. So I’m freaking out for a few hours, in disbelief that I found a set.

So I get off work, run up to Toby’s shop and BS with him for a bit and we frollick around holding hands in excitement, then I go in to my other (evening) job. 8PM rolls around and I get a call from a Cali area code. It’s memoryfab, and they say that there’s been a mistake. I can tell by the dude’s voice that he’s super afraid of what he’s about to tell me, so I’m thinking ok maybe they dropped one of the wheels or something and I’m a little nervous. Turns out, they made a “bit of a typo” when putting the wheels online. They are actually NSX Spec, not some super baller S-Chassis spec that I thought I was super lucky to find. So i was super bummed, cancelled my order (I guess I could have made them work if I threw on some zilvia spec 1-inch spacers, but fuck running spacers on $2k wheels, you spend that much so you DON’T have to run spacers) and started the search for wheels again. Then I ended up ordering the 57D’s as kind of an impulse buy. I’ve always kind of wanted a set, I just wasn’t sure how they’d look so I held off. I guess we’ll see in about 3 months time.


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