Recent Stuff.

Super descriptive title, I know.

To make up for it, here is some Kouki love.

Second one “has a nice theme”. Bumper sag and half kouki lip kinda kills it though.

A fairly complete looking DCC popped up on Zilvia. Really want to pick that up but I have two vacations coming up before February so I’m a little hesitant to drop 300 on something so that I can change the temperature in my car digitally. Oh well, I guess it’s the little details you keep buying for a car that make it end up being pretty bad ass.

Found a freshly painted hatch shell with OEM Type-X Aero and some nice suspension for sale on Zilvia for 4k. One of these days I’m going to sack up and swap everything over to a hatch from my coupe. That’s what i really want but I had to jump on the coupe for sale when i saw it, it took me 3 years to find one even this clean.

In other news, Damon is scum.

GT5 is out, really want that after all these years but every review is saying don’t buy a PS3 just for it.

It’s snowing for the first time today which I’m pretty stoked about since my beater car has THE single best e-brake in the planet.

Got a copy of Damon and Toby’s modified feature PDF last night, pretty stoked for those guys, especially Damon since it’s his first and I don’t think he ever thought his hoop-d was gonna end up on the cover of freakin Modified Magazine.


4 responses to “Recent Stuff.”

  1. Broadfield says :

    God damn TE’s look good on, well, about everything.

  2. Damon says :

    Love everything about this post. Except for the part about me being scum. Eh, I love that too honestly, LOL.

  3. Jeff says :

    You can’t be angry if its true Damon!

    What would look better than TE37’s is a pair of white BK Knights and some acid wash jeans for you to wear when you update your blog by telling us you took it for a drive…a bullet belt might be cool too.

  4. RocketOgre says :

    What you’ve read is right, don’t buy a PS3 just for GT5 go get the holiday bundle that has all 3 God of War games included and ask someone to get you Uncharted 2 for a birthday or something. Then it’ll be a justified purchase and you can play GT5 which is damn good!

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