New wheels and stuff

So I sold my R33 wheels as well as my RPF-1’s last week. It ended up happening a little too fast, so now my car is sitting on jackstands on FD wheels in back (they don’t clear Z32 brakes in front) for the next 90 days until the new wheels get here.

The new wheels are white 57D’s in 17/18 stagger. Don’t see a whole lot of stagger on coupes so we’ll see how it goes.

A friend of mine is selling his Kouki S14 and was offered a trade for an FC today. Since he’s not looking for an FC (or anything other than a 911 Turbo), I thought pretty seriously about seeing if the guy wanted my coupe instead. I thought about it pretty hard for a couple hours, and was starting to feel like maybe it was something I wouldn’t mind driving, but then as Toby and I left his shop for the day, he fired up his beast, and I fell back in love with the ol’ SR20. Not to mention it would have been a bitch to trade cars when my car doesn’t even have wheels on it right now.


3 responses to “New wheels and stuff”

  1. Jeff says :

    Seeing as how Toby is dead to the world with his blog I thought I’d come over here but you haven’t updated shit either.

    Must be a Nissan thing…

  2. Jeff says :


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