So…Intro post

Well, whats up, not really sure how often I’m going to use this thing but whatever.  Figure I’ll give it a shot.  I subscribe to something ridiculous like 700 blogs via RSS, so I figure I’ve got a pretty finger on the pulse on the internet.  I might do a little big of re-blogging, little bit of original content, we’ll see.  I plan on posting things on cars, bicycles (mainly 26″ DH/DJ), photography, LOLCATS, maybe sprinkle some gaming nuggets on you guys, whatever.  For now, Here’s what I drive, as well as a few pictures of my own.


3 responses to “So…Intro post”

  1. Damon says :

    Woah, nice Greg… that black car is extra cool…

  2. REVGASM says :

    SOOOOOO good on the 33’s

  3. excellentbarfs says :

    Sold those to soapgun a while back

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